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Baldwin Co-Education Extension High School




Music is an important co-curricular component of education. The school offers singing classes which are held with regularity.

When it comes to music, we have a track record that places it right in the forefront. The dazzling finesse of the school choir, the brass band and the school’s ability to blend these two different streams of music creates a melody that keeps lingering in one’s heart. The school has the tradition of training and teaching music, both vocal and percussion instruments. It is little wonder the institution continues to adorn its pupils with music for several decades.


We believe that DANCE is a poem in which each movement is a word and a series of steps and movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music. We here encourage our students to explore themselves and develop this creativity.

Dance enables students to discover their own innate capacity for the communication of ideas, thoughts, and feelings through the medium of dance. Our dance team has excelled in various programs which includes inter school dance competitions and cultural events.