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Baldwin Co-Education Extension High School




The school is proud to introduce regular and progressive in-house Astronomy Education for each and every student.

Our teachers are trained on the state-of-the -art Mobile Planetarium’, thus bringing the Universe in a Dome to the school.

The digital full dome planetarium will truly liberate the students from the intrinsic practical impediments of astronomy and will cater to their inquisitiveness about the cosmos. Each student will get class wise appropriate planetarium exposures in each academic year and will be provided with a relevant book. Astronomy is one of the most interesting subjects for students and it has universal reach, appeal and applicability. It is indeed the mother of all sciences. Its is a subject that inculcates scientific temper.

With ISRO’s sucessful mission to the Moon and Mars “Chandrayan”and Mangalayan” respectively, Space Tourism on the anvil and names like Rakesh Sharama, Kalpana Chawala and Sunita Williams on everybody’s lips, the space age has finally arrived in India. ISRO has plans to sent its first manned mission to the Moon around the years 2025 to 2030. It is quite likely that students who are now studying in the school will take to Astronomy in a big way.

Our Mobile Planetarium is certainly going to aide in that.