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Baldwin Co-Education Extension High School




John Baldwin
October 13, 1799 - December 28, 1884

Baldwin Institutions are named after its benefactor & Philanthropist, John Baldwin of Berea, Ohio, USA. The name “Baldwin” descends from a royal lineage and is of German extraction meaning “Bold Winner”.

In the annals of the school history, one sees a glorious panorama of personalities, guided with a strong sense of unity, loyalty, grit and determination, who kept the light aglow and sustained the glimmer down through time, and lent yeomen service committed to the cause of Methodist Mission.

In the year 1880 The Methodist Episcopal School was formally opened in February on land rented along Hosur Road (Part of the present Boys School campus).

Rev. Ira A. Richards served as Principal from August 1880 – 1885. The stark reality of few students, no salaries for staff, and a bank balance of “NIL” – the school was on the brink of closing down. This did not discourage him. The school quickly grew. The strength of the school was 81 pupils and six teachers in 1881.

In 1882, Mr. John Baldwin, 83, presented the school with three thousand dollars to acquire land and buildings. The rented property was purchased and renovated as a dormitory for boys for Rs. 5, 500. It was later that he

asked the South India Conference for another Rs. 6000 to purchase the adjoining building and hire two new teachers. The school was renamed Baldwin High School in honor of its benefactor, John Baldwin. From this year (1883) onwards the school grew from strength to strength. We have traced the royal heritage of Baldwin as accurately as possible. Loyalty and Service, Righteousness and Truth emanated from the warm, God-fearing heart of John Baldwin. A Bold Winner he was, and all Baldwinians are Bold Winners. Is it any wonder that Baldwins today is among the top Indian schools sparkling in academic, cultural, and athletic activities?

Baldwin Co-Education (Extension) High School is the first branch of the family of Baldwin Boys and Girls Schools at Richmond town, conceptualized and initiated to serve and cater to the educational needs of the children of the surrounding areas of Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

Noble qualities are the cornerstones of the school .The School motto Reverential Jehovah est caput sapientiae taken from the book of Psalms from the Holy Bible, ‘The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’ sums up the ideals of the school to meet the challenges of the world.

The watch words – Loyalty and service, righteousness and truth are the bed rock of the school’s foundation and continue to inspire the students of Baldwin Institutions.